CoroAid's Personal Protective Kit Proves to be Key Amongst Real Estate Businesses

Almost every industry in the world has taken a hit because of the pandemic. The real estate industry is no different. With worldwide lock downs, it’s easy for real estate agents and brokers to feel discouraged.

However, at Sanitaid we are committed to helping Real Estate agencies safely re-open, close more sales, and take care of their existing clients.

Astute real estate agencies looking for ways to close more sales, promote customer loyalty, and customer retention are turning to the Coroaid kit as closing gifts for realtors in order to put their clients’ worries at ease.

As open houses and listings slowly re-open, it is not always possible to maintain a social distancing. So it becomes imperative for people to have the necessary PPE to take part in these activities. The CDC recommends a combination of masks, gloves, and sanitary wipes— don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Coroaid kit is phenomenal for listings, according to Jober, a Real Estate agent for Partnership Realty Inc. 

“ I showed it to one of my clients on our first meetup and he said it the  kit was beautiful, convenient, and made him feel safe. While I did not close that house with him, he told me he trusted me enough to work with me and help him find another one. He is confident we will find the right house for him.”

The Coroaid kit is also fantastic to show your existing clients that you care about them. This is what Principal Broker of Avantixre, Luis, did:

“I sent it to 46 of my best clients and got a response form nearly all of them. They told me they appreciated the protection I was providing them. I knew something like this was the right thing to do; however, I did not think how positive the response would be. My clients were so thankful that some of them referred me to their friends and gave me more inbound prospects and ultimately, sales.”

We have even provided the option for businesses to put their logo on the kit for a more personalized touch. In summary, our clients told us the Coroaid Kit did two things: promoted customer loyalty and retention for them



Written by Juan Pereira