Travelling during COVID-19?

Let's talk about maintaining safety when you travel. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives. Most noticeably in our ability to commute while maintaining safety outside our homes. We want to share important tips that can help you maintain more safety while travelling during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Lodging  🛏️

When lodging and staying in hotels, ensuring air can circulate out of the room should be a priority. Outdoor ventilation is a fantastic way to prevent contagion through air particles from other rooms. Hotels with proper filtration systems and good quality air conditioning are imperative as well as considering sanitation reviews on the hotel website. Hotels have updated their room sanitation protocols to be in compliance with national requirements to remain open; making sure hotels are ensuring their staff is executing protocol efficiently and customers are satisfied with room deliveries can usually be observed in reviews. 

Safety on Planes ✈️

It is important to do research on the airline you will choose and look in depth at the safety protocols they have in place. Making sure the airline enforces social distancing and accommodates space in between flyers is best. It is recommended to consider only airlines enforcing the use of a layered facemasks on their aircraft.  Most Airline companies have their updated safety and sanitation protocols on their website. 

Social Distance 🚫

Social Distancing is your best friend! Maintaining your distance from others around you is essential to protect yourself and others from contagion. Even with the adequate personal protective equipment, you are still at risk of contagion. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend maintaining a 6 foot distance from others around you. This not only helps you, but ensures you're doing your part in keeping those around you safe as well.

What should I take with me? 😷

Airports and aircrafts in the United States are now requiring the use of facemasks with a minimum of two layers. What personal protective equipment (PPE) should you choose? Being able to protect yourself as best as possible from all the points of contagion is key to feel comfortable with your protection methods.

Oral and Respiratory Protection: 3PLY and KN95 Masks are the recommended masks to offer you the most protection. 3PLY Masks are made up of three layers. Melt blown fabric is allocated in between two non-woven fabric layers to absorb and protect you from small liquid particles in the air. KN95 Masks offer respiratory protection of 95% efficiency, however it may be difficult for some to breathe with this mask. Most importantly, these masks help you keep others protected. The 3 layers of the 3PLY make it harder for you to spread towards others.

Touch & Surface Protection: Having disinfectant is essential to consistently keep bacteria off your skin and surfaces. Antiseptic Wipes are convenient to disinfect objects you constantly touch and also work great as skin disinfectants if they come with skin-friendly chemicals. Safe disinfecting alcohol products are made with an Isopropyl or methanol based alcohol. Gloves also offer great protection in situations where you may touch bacterial hubs, such as gas station pumps or public bathrooms. Anti bacterial gel also works great to keep harmful bacteria off your skin, and works as well as a wipe, but may take up more space. 


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Written by Hans Baumgartner
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