How We Started     

      Hey! 👋, it's Juanfe and Hans, founders of Sanitaid.
We have been great friends since we were six years old. Although we did not know we would be in business together 15 years later, from a young age we fantasized about striving for more, creating a better tomorrow. While we were studying for exams our sophomore year at Babson College, there was an aura of fear in the halls. No one knew what to expect, and it wasn't a problem we had to deal with in our life times. There was talk about a Coronavirus pandemic. Little did we know a couple of days later, every single school and university in the country would get sent home. On the plane ride back to Miami, we talked about those times in elementary school where we strived to make a difference and decided that now was our time. That day, Sanitaid was born. Now we have been able to turn that dream into reality, helping thousands of people access reliable, accessible, and quality protection. This is only the beginning, and we can't wait to work with you.